Optimal advertising solutions

One platform

Internetq connects to a number of high volume ad exchanges seamlessly. You no longer need to login to multiple advertising platforms to track the performance of your campaign across multiple channels and all the tracking data is available at your fingertips.

Rich landing

You can continue to set a destination website as the landing when your customers click. Apart from that, you can also set a phone call, a map, and an app store as your landing. Your customers can reach you through a more native and direct means you want.

Real time bidding

In the old days, we are buying impressions in bulk and optimization can hardly be done. Internetq buys ads on RTB basis - buys only the needed impression - and evaluates the quality of every ad slot to see if a bid will be made and determines the best price.

Smart algorithms

You do not need to view and tune the campaign from time to time manually. The analytic services and algorithmic bidding services built in Internetq will take care of the complexity for you behind the scene automatically.

Built for mobile

Internetq is built for mobiles. You can host marketing campaigns across different device makes, languages, sizes, resolutions and also across different activities that will be done by the mobile users - browsing web, using apps, and viewing videos.

International standards

Internetq adopts the international standards like OpenRTB in talking with ad exchanges. It is easily expandable with an exchange that you want given the ad exchange is standard compliant, maximizing the reach to your customers.

Marketing solutions for advertisers

We provide a multi-channel advertising solutions by cpm price model. Our advertisers have direct access to over 100k publishers in over 180 geos.

We provide transparent statistics with api, personal account manager for every advertiser and if you have any questions our support team glad to help you at any time.

Get the highest value for every impression

Internetq's forecasting tools ensure you’ll never overbook or undersell your ad inventory. Our SDK provides effective interstitial and banner ad units for your app. This lets you show user-friendly app install ads to your users through interstitial or banner ad units and guarantees you make as much money as possible.

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